Women’s Crocs Lina Wedge

3.5 out of 5 stars
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    Women’s Crocs Lina Wedge
    Item #203408

    Here’s a wedge you can wear all day. The Crocs Lina Luxe Wedge has simple, clean lines and a feminine shape that pairs with just about anything and goes just about anywhere. It has soft, lightweight TPU uppers and a microfiber-lined footbed that feels good the moment you step in. Dual Crocs Comfort™ gives you all-day cushion, and the 60-mm heel height gives you just enough lift without compromising your comfort.

    Women’s Crocs Lina Luxe Flat details:

    • Contemporary shape with clean, feminine lines
    • Soft, light TPU uppers
    • Microfiber-lined footbed for step-in softness
    • 60-mm heel height with rubber heel tap
    • Dual Crocs Comfort™: Croslite™ foam footbed on top of a Croslite™ foam outsole
    4 out of 5 stars
    Nicki from Australia
    "The best thing about these wedges is that they don't look like crocs! The first time I wore them my feet bled everywhere, but then I got brave and wore them again after a month off! The length is fine, but these are extremely narrow! My feet are always red and grumpy around the toes after wearing these to work on weekends! They are reasonably comfy, but towards the end of the day when you've been running around like a mad chook, the sides of my toes become sore. I'm hoping they give because I love how easy they are to work in! Get the next size up if you are considering a great, subtle work-wedge!"


    No extra room; fits comfortably snug.

    Dual Crocs Comfort™

    Deep cushion: Feels soft with all day support.